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    Chartin’ with Nancy, Part Two: International Hits

    April 18th, 2014 by Andrew

    Nancy Sinatra Dean Martin Bobby Darin

    In the U.S., Nancy has reigned over the charts with three number 1 singles: on Billboard’s Hot 100 in February 1966 with “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’,” on Billboard’s Top 40 Easy Listening in January 1967 with “Sugar Town,” and on both of those charts in April and May 1967 with Nancy & Frank’s “Somethin’ Stupid.” Furthermore, the Kill Bill: Vol. 1 soundtrack with its premier song, “Bang Bang,” resided at the summit of Billboard’s Top Soundtracks for three weeks in November 2003. While Chartin’ with Nancy, Part One: U.S. Hit Singles and Albums details her many domestic triumphs, the chart-topping records do not end there.

    Among Nancy’s many notable chart appearances in the international realm, Dean Martin & Nancy, the king and queen of cool, ruled at number 1 for two of their thirteen weeks on the Norwegian singles chart in the summer of 1968 with their collaboration on “Things.” 

    The song’s composer, Bobby Darin, had reached #3 on the U.S. Hot 100 in 1962 with his Atco Records version.

    Jack Haley, Jr. and Nancy: “Bobby was a good songwriter.”

    Nancy & Dean’s interpretation was created for their segment of her Emmy award-winning TV special, Movin’ With Nancy” (1967).

    Nancy:“[Dean was] the coolest of the cool.”

    Nancy Sinatra Dean Martin

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    Chartin’ with Nancy, Part One: U.S. Hit Singles and Albums

    March 25th, 2014 by Andrew

    Nancy Sinatra

    For the week ending April 22, 1967, Nancy scored a chart hat trick on Billboard’s Hot 100: at number 1 with Nancy & Frank’s “Somethin’ Stupid,” at number 15 (as a “STAR performer–Sides registering greatest proportionate upward progress this week”) with “Love Eyes,” and at number 51 with Nancy & Lee’s “Summer Wine” in its eighth week on the chart. Nancy had accomplished this feat for the previous four weeks and would repeat it for the following week.

    Fast-forward to March 24, 2014… Nancy enters Australia’s ARIA Singles Chart at number 92 with a 1966 recording that has never been released as a U.S. single, but has become one of her signature songs in the twenty-first century: her poetic interpretation of “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down).”


    Nancy Sinatra

    Nancy’s extensive activity on the charts is only a fraction of the history of her recordings, as she notes.

    “There are at least four hundred and maybe five hundred recorded songs,
    a few of which made the Top Ten and several of which made the Top Forty.
    Others were lower on the Top One-Hundred charts. There were twenty-three chart records and quite a few more of what they call ‘bubbling under’ meaning they were in the Top Two Hundred.”

    “Many of my recordings were album cuts that were rarely played on the radio – many from the Great American Song Book,
    and also some unreleased tracks that very few people have heard.”

    “I’m pretty proud of these accomplishments
    because there aren’t many women in music who can claim this sort of success.
    (If I can pat myself on the back a bit!) 

    In referring to her “twenty-three chart records,” Nancy is too modest. It is true that Nancy has had twenty-three songs on Billboard’s Hot 100 and Top 40 Easy Listening: twenty-one on the former and two solely on the latter (with nine on both charts). But, considering individual entries on the Hot 100, Top 40 Easy Listening, Bubbling Under The Hot 100, and Hot Country Singles, Nancy has achieved thirty-six U.S. Billboard chart singles. Including non-U.S. hits (Chartin’ with Nancy, Part Two) would bring the total to nearly four dozen chart singles. And Nancy’s albums on the U.S. charts add more than another dozen to this already extraordinary list. At least sixty chart entries in all.

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    “A Story Without Any End”: Nancy’s “The End” in TV Commercials

    March 6th, 2014 by Andrew

    “At the end of a rainbow, you’ll find a pot of gold
    At the end of a story, you’ll find it’s all been told
    But our love has a treasure our hearts can always spend
    And it has a story without any end”

    Nancy Sinatra

    Heard during this year’s Academy Awards telecast on ABC, Nancy’s 1966 recording of Jimmy Krondes & Sid Jacobson’s “The End” provides the soundtrack for a new Chobani yogurt commercial, “Farmland.” Director Henry-Alex Rubin’s ad introduces Chobani’s Simply 100 by contrasting the all-natural 100-calorie Greek yogurt with other brands. Chobani’s pre-Oscars “natural talent” tweet refers to the yogurt’s ingredients and Nancy’s honest and innately beautiful vocal.

    Nancy Sinatra

    “The End” had become widely known as a Top Ten chart hit by Earl Grant in 1958.

    Nancy Sinatra

    Nancy’s interpretation was also employed for “Time Theft,” an award-winning 2007 Vodafone mobile internet services commercial in the U.K. Starring Pailo Heitz and Caroline Ducey, the commercial was filmed in Milan by eminent French director Frédéric Planchon. And, in another Oscars connection, Academy Award winner Dame Judi Dench delivers the voiceover at the close of the ad.

    Nancy’s full recording of “The End” is available as part of her Nancy In London album.



    Nancy Sinatra

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    Nancy Takes a “Sentimental Journey” with Doris Day

    February 25th, 2014 by Andrew

    Nancy Sinatra Doris Day

    “April 3rd, 2014 marks the 90th birthday of my dear friend, the wonderful
    Doris Day. In keeping with her long standing passion for making a difference in our world, for her birthday Doris has set a goal of raising 90 thousand dollars to benefit The Doris Day Animal Foundation.

    “The DDAF is a non-profit, grant-giving charity that funds worthy organizations across the country which share a mission of supporting animal rights causes.
    If you are able to be part of making this birthday wish come true,
    please donate via…”

    One year ago, Nancy expressed her heartfelt appreciation of beloved entertainment icon and animal rights activist Doris Day, during a two-part, six-hour interview/tribute on Nancy’s SiriusXM radio show, Nancy for Frank. In celebration of Doris Day’s 90th birthday, here are excerpts from Nancy’s fascinating, spirited and moving conversation with Doris.

    Remembering voice teachers Tina Taylor Rone and Grace Raine, Nancy and Doris discuss “The Principle,” the importance of feeling your words,” and having a “kinship with a lyric.”

    Nancy Sinatra Doris Day

    Doris feels the words of her first number 1 hit, 1945′s “Sentimental Journey,” on the 1971 CBS-TV broadcast The Doris Mary Anne Kappelhoff Special.

    Nancy and Doris discuss the beginning of Doris’s acting career and her film debut, Romance On The High Seas (1948), with co-star Jack Carson.

    Nancy Sinatra Doris Day

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