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Nancy Sinatra News

“Pressed between the pages of my mind”: Nancy’s Collaborations with Glen Campbell

October 24th, 2014 by Andrew

Nancy Sinatra

“Glen has released the video for his last recording,
‘I’m Not Gonna Miss You,’ from January 2013,
just months after he stopped performing in public due to Alzheimer’s.
Glen also made a documentary called ‘I’ll Be Me’
which chronicles him dealing with Alzheimer’s disease.”

Nancy Sinatra Glen Campbell

While Glen’s legendary music includes his inventive and poignant TV duets with Nancy, the
Glen Campbell chapter in Nancy’s career began with his work as a session guitarist, featured on her mid-1960s Reprise recordings. Credited on the liner of the 1966 Sugar LP, Glen had already made history with Nancy.

Nancy Sinatra
Earlier that year, he played the psychedelic electric guitar solo on Nancy & Lee’s initial duet, “Sand,” the first record to incorporate a backwards guitar effect.

“That weird sound is a guitar that was recorded frontwards and then played backwards to try to copy a sitar which we couldn’t find at the time.”

“Sand’s” backwards electric guitar break, played by Glen Campbell

Tracing Glen’s rise to stardom, the July 26, 2006 episode of TV Land’s My First Time (produced by Alison Martino) contained recollections from Nancy regarding his early studio work on her recordings.

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The Ride of Paul Revere: Nancy & “Rockin’ Paul Revere”

October 9th, 2014 by Andrew

Nancy Sinatra

“Well, listen, my children and you gonna hear
About the midnight ride of Paul Revere”

“Midnite Ride” by Paul Revere & The Raiders featuring Mark Lindsay
Gardena G-118 (1961)

Midnite Ride Paul Revere and the Raiders Gardena 45-rpm G-118-2

Paul Revere, the legendary musician who founded Paul Revere & The Raiders, has died.

“One of the greatest guys who ever lived.
I will miss him for as long as I breathe.”

Nancy Sinatra

Nancy had a unique perspective through Paul’s trademark tri-corner hat as she rode on the back of his bike at Rolling Thunder in 2002.

“When you ride on the back of Paul’s bike,
you look through the feathers of his hat!!
He glued one of his hats to his helmet.
A very clever idea.
Everybody knew who he was as we rode toward The Mall.
The sights on the way included the Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial and
the Washington Monument.”

Nancy Sinatra Continue reading

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Nancy’s Jimmy Bowen “Bridges”

September 30th, 2014 by Andrew

Nancy Sinatra

“True Love”

“I love ['True Love']
because it was the first single that led me into another sound, (and feel,)
and out of the bubblegum phase of my work,
much more funk and a lot tougher sound.
It was a perfect bridge to the work with Barton Lee Hazlewood.”

“For some reason,
[producers] Tutti [Camarata] and Don [Costa] chose to keep me upstairs
in the highest possible keys [on the early recordings] and I think I sound
squeaky up there struggling to sound like a soprano
when I was already an alto.

“It was Jimmy Bowen who recognized this
and moved me down for ‘Wee Small Hours’ and ‘True Love.’

“In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning”

“That was the beginning of the beginning for me. (Pardon the syntax.)”

At three crossroads in Nancy’s recording career, renowned producer Jimmy Bowen guided her in a new direction: the “True Love” bridge to the “world of Lee Hazlewood” in the 1960s; the “Kind Of A Woman” bridge to “Mobile” (“Annabell Of Mobile”) and “a change of pace” in the 1970s; and the “Let’s Keep It That Way” bridge to “Texas” (“Texas Cowboy Night”), her duets with Mel Tillis and the record charts in the 1980s.

Aside from the “bridges,” Bowen was a producer on Nancy & Frank’s hugely successful “Somethin’ Stupid.” From Jimmy Bowen’s 1997 memoir, Rough Mix:

In 1967 I coproduced (with Lee Hazlewood) ‘Somethin’ Stupid,’
Nancy Sinatra’s duet with her famous dad. It stayed at No. 1 for four weeks.
Nancy and I remained friends and worked together again at RCA
in the early seventies, when [this] shot was taken.”
(photo credit: Jasper Dailey / Michael Ochs Archives)

Nancy Sinatra

Bowen began his career in music in the 1950s as a performer with The Rhythm Orchids, along with Buddy Knox and old friend Don “Dirt” Lanier, who would become a musicians contractor for Nancy’s recording sessions.

“Don Lanier [was] affectionately known as ‘Dirt.’
He wrote the wonderful ‘Here We Go Again’.”

Bowen’s memoir provides this insight into the origin of Lanier’s nickname.

“In junior high I made a new friend–a tall, skinny, quiet kid named Donnie Lanier. We all called him Dirt, after a school janitor named Dirty McCool, who was always covered in soot. When Donnie showed up as filthy as Dirty one day after working on his car, he became Dirt. Dirt’s got his own version of how
he got his nickname, but this one’s good enough for me.”

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Nancy Tribute Benefits the SIMS Foundation

September 22nd, 2014 by Andrew

Nancy Sinatra
Nancy Sinatra


The Nancy Show is an intimate all-Austin, Texas concert tribute to Nancy Sinatra featuring performers Jazz Mills, Tameca Jones, Brennen Leigh and Betty Soo to benefit the SIMS Foundation.

The musical director of the show will be Grammy award-winning musician and producer Adrian Quesada with Jazz Mills and Rose Reyes producing the show. Johnny Goudie will emcee.

Purchase Tickets Online
Or call the box office at (512) 474-1221 to purchase tickets by phone.

Get Premium Tickets
The best seats go to donors. Make a donation today for access to great seats.
Click here for details.


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