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Nancy Sinatra News

Introducing Nancy’s Album Discography

June 8th, 2019 by Andrew

Nancy Sinatra

“There are at least four hundred
and maybe five hundred recorded songs,
a few of which made the Top Ten
and several of which made the Top Forty.
Many of my recordings were album cuts
that were rarely played on the radio
– many from the Great American Songbook,
and also some unreleased tracks
that very few people have heard.”

Spanning six decades and encompassing innumerable releases, Nancy’s catalog of recordings is vast and complex. Organization is the key to constructing a comprehensive presentation. With that objective, we are excited to introduce the first two installments in Nancy’s Discography: Album Covers and Album List.

Representing nearly every released NS track, the cover pages provide an overview in five thematic galleries.

“If you line up my cover pictures,
you can see they have things in common:
Body, etc.”

The “Originals” page displays Nancy’s iconic albums consisting of tracks that were expressly and contemporaneously recorded for each release. From chart blockbuster Boots (1966), her first U.S. LP, to the acclaimed Nancy Sinatra (2004), a collection conceived and produced by her daughter AJ, these albums embody some of Nancy’s best-known and most beloved work. The 2004 album is one of Nancy’s personal favorites.

“AJ gathered performers and songwriters
who believe they were influenced by
or are fans of my music.

“I think you will like this collection.
It’s interesting personally speaking,
to see – through their music –
how these people feel about me.
Very enlightening.”

Nancy Sinatra

The “Concepts” page features albums that were built around unifying ideas by combining, in varying degrees, unreleased and previously released tracks. These collections range from Cherry Smiles: The Rare Singles, with two heretofore unheard songs from the vault, to California Girl, which is almost entirely composed of unreleased tracks from three decades.

“When Disney California Adventure Theme Park opened,
my daughter Amanda went there
for her bachelorette night.
She came home saying,
‘Mom, you’ve got to finish that California album
and get it out
because it really belongs down there at the Park.’

“The biggest challenge with this collection is
the fact that it spans three decades of recordings,
the earliest from 1967
and the most recent were recorded in 2001.”

Nancy Sinatra

The “Hits” page contains domestic and international Best Of/Greatest Hits albums which aggregate singles tracks from the first Nancy-Lee Hazlewood-Billy Strange era, 1965-68.

“Production manager Keith Barrows
is the reason I like
The Essential Nancy Sinatra.
He worked himself ragged
getting the sound to work.
With songs from
so many different years and technologies,
it was tough to make them seem like
a cohesive collection.
I think he did a terrific job.

“The label only wanted the hits
and I was lucky to be able to convince them
to use ‘Machine Gun Kelly.’
I really LOVE that track.

Nancy Sinatra

The “Compilations” page primarily presents unique international albums, the majority of which were issued in Japan. These albums are typically an amalgam of Reprise singles and album cuts.

Nancy Sinatra

Years before the Boots LP, various editions of Japanese album Nancy collected her early “bubblegum” era singles, both A and B sides.

“I wasn’t really interested in a career.
I was a happily married young woman,
who wanted to be
a good wife and raise a family.
But when I told my father
that I thought I could make a hit record,
he said, ‘Try it.’
In those days, it didn’t cost a fortune.

“I went to Tutti Camarata,
who was Disney’s musical director
and produced Annette Funicello’s records,
and told him that I wanted to do
what she was doing,
only with a couple of changes.
One of my first singles for Reprise, ‘Like I Do,’
was successful in Japan, Italy…
all over the world,
except the United States.
And my dad said,
‘You’re right,
you do know how to make a hit record.’
Also, I repaid
his recording company’s investment,
which was very important to me.”

Nancy Sinatra

The “Appearances” page gathers a diverse array of NS recordings that were not previously issued on Nancy’s own albums. They include movie soundtrack songs, collaborations with other artists, alternate mixes, the authorized sampling of Nancy’s vocal and instrumental tracks, as well as musical TV performances that have had home video releases.

“Recording ‘You Only Live Twice’
was a scary experience.
That was about 80 symphony musicians,
and John Barry (composer/conductor)
and Leslie Bricusse,
one of the world’s finest lyricists,
and Cubby Broccoli and his wife
and all of the big execs
from the Bond movies sitting in the booth.
I was just terrified.
You could’ve peeled me up off of the floor.
I was just a mess.

“Now, when I listen to it
I amaze myself, actually,
that I got through it.”

Nancy Sinatra

Complementing the five galleries, the extensive Album List, which is still a work-in-progress, incorporates the contents of the cover pages along with related releases (alternate formats, international editions and reissues), assorted artists’ collections, numerous film and TV soundtracks that have tapped Nancy’s catalog, and soundtrack albums without any NS recordings from Nancy’s own motion pictures (e.g., songs from Get Yourself A College Girl, Pete King’s music from the score of The Last Of The Secret Agents?, Mike Curb’s Wild Angels soundtracks).

“I remember sending Stanley Kubrick
a telegram saying,
‘I’ve heard a rumor you may use a song of mine
in your film.
I hope you do.’
It was an honor to be even a small part
of one of his projects.”

Nancy Sinatra

In appreciation of Nancy’s transcendent body of work as a recording artist, great care has been invested in documenting the many aspects of each album. Clicking on gallery images or list entries accesses music; artwork and labels; promotional posters; music industry ads; reviews from Billboard, Cash Box and Record World; tracklists; chart information; credits; liner notes; and links to blog posts, Sinatra Family Forum threads and related releases. Hopefully, the NS Discography will be informative, revelatory and ultimately enjoyable.

Rolling Thunder’s Final Ride

May 21st, 2019 by Andrew

Nancy Sinatra

 For many years following my USO tour,
I was looking for some way
to continue to help
our troops and veterans,
and I needed to share with someone
the profound feelings I came away with
after seeing war firsthand.

 When Artie Muller invited me
to join Rolling Thunder
[thirty years ago],
I jumped at the opportunity
to serve again,
especially with
this dedicated group of people.

 They work tirelessly
to see to it that every last one
of our soldiers,
Coast Guard members
and nurses
are accounted for
and that returning veterans
are welcomed properly,
with respect and the care
they deserve.

 Some people I have talked with
about supporting our troops at home
and in harm’s way
say they don’t because they are anti-war.
I say we can hate war
but still support the people fighting war.
“Hate war,”
“love the troops”
are not mutually exclusive ideas.

 The largest yearly demonstration
in the United States
is about to begin for the final time.
Join the events of Rolling Thunder
and see what it’s all about.

Nancy’s Appreciation of Doris Day

May 13th, 2019 by Andrew

“I’m proud to say that
Doris is, in every way,
my idol.

 “Although our paths came close to crossing
(we lived close to each other
in both Toluca Lake and Beverly Hills),
my first and only meeting with Doris
occurred in 1954, when I was fourteen.
She and Dad were filming
Young At Heart at Warner Bros.,
and I was invited to visit the set.
Boy, was I nervous!
Doris was so beautiful and self-assured.

 “Somehow, I mustered the courage
to tell her something personal:
‘I just got my hair cut,
and I had the stylist do it just like yours,’
I said tentatively.

 “Doris immediately put me at ease,
making me feel as though
we were two old friends
at one of my teenage pajama parties.
She turned me around
so that she could look at my hairdo
carefully from all angles and said,
‘That’s so nice, honey!’
Then, she smiled and fluffed my hair,
pointing to the sides.
‘But, it needs to be
a little shorter right here,’ she explained.
Needless to say,
I went right out
and had it cut shorter.”

Expressing her heartfelt appreciation of the beloved entertainment icon and animal rights activist, Nancy recounted this story to Doris during a two-part, six-hour tribute on Nancy’s SiriusXM radio show, Nancy for Frank, in 2013. Following the interview, Doris was quoted on her website.

“Nancy is a doll,
and we had so much to talk about.”
– Doris Day

Nancy conveyed her love for Doris and her work, as they were both brought to tears.

 “When I was down and dreary
and sad and feeling lousy,
I would play your music
and I would feel better. …
I watch Doris Day
and I feel better. …
I’m just telling you the truth
and how much you mean to me.”

“It’s thrilling to me
when you say things like that. …
I just get goosebumps.”
– Doris Day

 “Thank you, Doris
– for the movies, music and style
that have had
such a profound and lasting effect on me
– personally and professionally.
I adore you.”

Remembering the Brilliance of David Winters

April 24th, 2019 by Andrew

Nancy Sinatra

“It hurts me to say
my dear friend of almost 60 years,
David Winters,
passed away.
Thank you for all the years
of loving friendship, David,
and godspeed.

“His brilliance is preserved forever
Movin’ With Nancy.
He brought the same energy,
and talent
to this project
that he exhibited
in the original
West Side Story.”

Movin’ With Nancy producer and director Jack Haley, Jr. recalled multi-talented choreographer and dancer David Winters’ work on the groundbreaking 1967 TV special’s closing number, Lionel Bart’s “Who Will Buy?” from the musical Oliver!

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